"Stoplight" Demo
This demo shows how to put together a set of "stoplight" buttons on an dashboard type xPage.  One use case might be a product development application where there are multiple categories of information that is orgaized, collected and assesed for risk.  Allowing each category to be given a Red/Yellow/Green light gives easy visibility as to the viablilty and status of the proposal.

This demo uses jQuery along with Twitter Bootstrap button classes and some additional basic CSS.
Stoplight Dashboard

The buttons can be toggled to display red/yellow/green buttons

Strategic SupportCompetitive LandscapeProduct DevelopmentSensory ValidationConsumer PropositionPackage GuidelinesOperational AssumptionsPricing and Financial AssumptionsLaunch AssumptionsDevelopment TimelineKey Issues and RisksVolume Assumptions
Status Fields

These fields contain the status of each category. They can be hidden using CSS but are displayed in this demo to show the relationship between the stoplight buttons and the stored values.