McManus Family Bowl Picks 2018-19

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Since 2000 my family has added some healthy competiton to the holiday season by picking the winners of the college bowl games. No money or prizes are awarded to the winners but it adds a small level of interest to the end of the college football season. For this years competition I thought it would be fun to create a web application for creating the picks and capturing the results in way that is easier to update and view.

I have used a Domino database as my back-end data store. I created a games form for each game and a pick form for each person in the competition. I also created a school form for each school and pulled in the team colors from a few sources I found online. The front-end is all done in Angular JS, including some charting code from Chinmay Kulkarni called Angular-Charts. Throw in some jQuery, Bootstrap, and custom CSS and I have a very usable and visually appealing application. I didn't have time this year to build the results management piece into the front-end application so I'm managing that manually in Notes, but I'll probably get around to adding that for next year. Since the games have started I have have closed down the pick sheet but you can view it here if you are interested.

- Shean P McManus | @sheanpmcmanus