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NITCO Technologies was established in 1997 in recognition of the need for companies of all sizes to manage common business processes. The initial focus of NITCO Technologies was to provide consulting services to these companies using Lotus Notes/Domino technology for collaborative processing.

Repeatedly, each company would ask for a system to “keep track of vacation requests”, “route requests for purchase orders to the appropriate people” and “share common information with people and provide an easy method for getting feedback”. Each of these companies had specific requirements, but over 90% of the requirements were similar from one company to another. NITCO Technologies quickly realized that the creation of a set of the most commonly used processes would provide the most benefit, not only to its immediate customers, but also to the general business population.

At the same time, the Internet was not only gaining more popularity, but many customers were asking for a “Web compatible” version of the Lotus Notes/Domino workflow software products. So, in addition to continuing to provide custom software development, using many different technologies, NITCO Technologies created a standard set of workflow products. These products are available in several different languages and are marketed in both North America and throughout Europe.

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