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New Employee Equipment Order

New Employee – Equipment Order
In every white-collar business and many blue-collar ones, when a new employee is hired, there are a series of events that are set in process. These include, but are not limited to:
· Assign an employee id
· phone number
· An office location (building, floor and location)
· Business cards
· Email address
· Supervisor name
In addition, a number of things must be ordered and scheduled:
· Computer (Laptop and Desktop)
· Software (order and install schedule)
· Cell phone
· Other office equipment (FAX, copier, etc.)
· Security Codes for systems access

The NITCO Technologies new Employee Workflow sets up a specific process where the Human Resources department and the hiring manager can select the appropriate items and have the request for order and installation routed to the appropriate persons. As each item is completed, the person responsible for installation or delivery will mark the item as completed. In turn the new employee and their manager will receive confirmation as each item is completed.

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