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CSI Tracker Entry
Opportunity Improvement (OPI) ID: APPT-BJVJGR
Jan 31, 2015
Reduce problem record open time
1. Process Activity for Improvement
(What is the vision ? What activities do we want to improve, why?)
Describe the process/area that you want to improve. Is it aligned with the organizational strategy, goals & objectives?What is its business value proposition?
Problem Management process improvement to reduce the amount of time it takes to open a new problem record.  
2.   (Where are we now?)
Describe the current state.Has an initial assessment been performed? Has a process maturity assement been conducted? If so, please provide details of this baseline so that success of the improvement effort can be measured.
It seems there is no consistency and improving the response time would greatly enhance morale and directly impact service quality across the board.
2a. Measurement Factors:(What are the current Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) if any?)
List the key performance indicators.
No KPI exists today.
2b.  Current Metrics:(What are the current metrics?)
Describe the current metrics if available.
It's not being tracked, although a spot check was performed on several recent problem records, and it showed a wide variation based on day, time, the particular Problem Manager working the queue, etc.
3. Future State & Benefits: (Where do we want to be?)
Describe the benefits for future state. What targets have been identified for the improvement initiative. Targets should be set based on business requirements.
(How do we get there?)
Describe the steps that will be undertaken for improvement to achieve the future state. Is funding available or being requested.
We will need to do the following:
Thank you for the opportunity to use this opportunity tracker tool.  So far, it seems like a straightforward, simple, interface.  I'm curious if the tool integrates well with HP Service Manager and PPM?
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